About the Company

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Why us ?

We are a boutique company that treats each customer as its only customer, personal and intimate service is engraved on our flag and we recommend you to join us. Our many years of experience in managing income-producing properties throughout the country and our professional knowledge in the field of real estate and complex building systems stand alongside a team with excellent interpersonal relations that knows how to attentively provide the exact needs of the tenants and the building and provides a comprehensive envelope.

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How did we get started?

After many years of working in the field of property management and accumulating knowledge and extensive experience, we knew that the market needed a new and refreshing spirit, after many months of construction in which we examined and built the necessary adjustments especially for you, we decided to establish Open Door, a building management company that works in harmonious cooperation with the successful and veteran property management company BAITOV.

Contact us, we will love to assist and provide professional service.